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About Leilani Shave Ice

The idea for Leilani was birthed after a family trip to Maui. After a day of hiking, surfing, and acquiring a nice tan, we decided to cool off with some local shave ice. Think: instant euphoria.


Now, we’re no novices to summer treats. Growing up between Southern California and the Central Valley, we’ve had more than our fair share of iced treats and creative activities to survive our endless summers. I’m talking ice cream, snow cones, smoothies, icees, water-gun fights, ice bucket challenges (before you could expect to be nominated for one), you name it. But in 25 years, NOTHING satisfied our thirst, sweet-tooth, and need for something cool and refreshing all in one bite the way this shave ice did.


We knew we had to bring this back to the mainland. So, we booked a second trip to Maui to spend some time with the locals learning about this iced piece of heaven. We learned specialized techniques of shaving ice to make it as fine as possible, the art of mixing syrups to create unique flavors and creating complementary blends of syrups and ice cream. Most importantly, we returned home with the Aloha spirit in our hearts, determined to share with friends, family and community.


We opened our first location in April 2014 on Willow Avenue in Clovis. The community’s overwhelming response to this wonderful dessert led to us soon opening a second location on Champlain Drive in Fresno. A year later, we have opened our third location in the Glendale Galleria Mall. If you’re in the Central Valley or in Southern California, come stop by for a scoop of shave ice and a taste of the Aloha spirit!

So… Who’s Leilani? 

Don’t tell my wife I told you, but…
(Just kidding)

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
I dreamed of paradise for two
You are my paradise completed
You are my dream come true
– Bing Crosby, “Sweet Leilani”

We’re pretty sure Bing Crosby was thinking of our shave ice when he wrote this song. Leilani is a word that embodies the Aloha spirit and is roughly translated to “heavenly flower.” In Hawaiian culture, a lei is the garland of flowers typically given upon a guest’s arrival or leaving as a symbol of affection and welcome. Lani evokes images of the heavens and of a majestic, magical setting. 

Leilani represents the love, kindness, and unmatchable experience that we strive to share with our customers every day.

Leilani Shave Ice & Ice Cream is a family-owned business with three locations in Fresno, Clovis, and Glendale. 

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